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Exceptional Landscaping Services in Manchester, CT

The smell of spring is in the air, and your thoughts are directed towards all of the outdoor cleaning and maintenance that needs to be done around your house. The tree needs to be cut back, gardens weeded, walkways repaired -- the list goes on and on. Instead of feeling the stress rise at the sight of your ever-growing list, request landscaping services in Manchester, CT, from our professionals.

Carone and Sons Landscaping is a full-service landscape and property maintenance company serving residential clients. We’ll ease your stress by helping you achieve that perfect yard while we whittle down on your to-do list.

One of the most significant benefits of leaving lawn care to our professionals is the amount of time you save. Most homeowners spend an average of 1 or more hours a week simply cutting their lawn. Add trimming, weeding, planting, and so on and suddenly it’s Monday and your weekend is gone.

Top-of-the-Line Landscaping and Weed Control Services

We provide customized landscaping services including weed control service. We’re focused on keeping your yard, gardens, and property looking their best. Nothing shows your house off and creates a beautiful first impression as a perfectly manicured lawn and garden.  

How many times has a property caught your attention while driving down a street? When one does, it’s likely not due to the house itself, but because of the yard. Breath-taking flowers and plants that bring out the color of the house catch your attention as you near. Perfectly manicured trees, and a lawn so green and lush you will want to lay down and nap. Work with us, and soon your property will be the one drawing envy from passers-by.

At Carone and Sons Landscaping, our landscaping services include:

Organic Land Care Applications Traditional Land Care Applications
• Fertilization
• Compost Tea Application
• Humates
• Organic Insect Control
• Invasive Plant Removal
• Garden Maintenance
• Compost Top Dressing
• Fertilization
• Pre-Emergent Broadleaf/Crabgrass Control
• Post-Emergent Broadleaf Control
• Post-Emergent Crabgrass Control
• Insect Control
• Fungicide Application

Other Services

• Lawnmowing
• Aeration
• Dethatching
• Spring Clean-Up
• Fall Leaf Clean-Up
• Overseeding
• Soil Testing
• Lime Application
• Patios Installed
• Retaining Walls Installed
• Commercial and Residential Snow Plowing Removal
• Pruning of Shrubs
• Ornamental Shrub Care
• Mulching
• Hydroseeding
• Hardscapes
• Consultation
• Bobcat Work
• Drainage Solutions

Professional Hardscaping and Landscaping

Yard makeovers are beneficial, and your perfectly designed home deserves a perfectly designed yard. Leave all of the work to our professionals. We’ll take care of your mulch, flower beds, tree planting, and gardens to name a few of the many landscaping services we offer.

Creating an eye-catching patio or a one of a kind walkway is an essential part of establishing your home’s uniqueness and individuality. Luxury landscape design is not only eye-catching, but it can also actually have a practical application for your home in addition to making it look pleasant.

Contact us today for more information on all of the landscaping services we offer. We proudly serve Manchester, CT and the surrounding areas.

Hardscape Services in Manchester, CT

Landscape Services in Manchester, CT

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